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How To Share WiFi On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

If there is an area where Android mobile hotspot has been shot of in the last few years has been the inability to share your device’s Wi-Fi connection with other devices. Usually, the Wi-Fi tethering feature will only let you share your data connection only if the other device is connected to your device through Wi-Fi. Its however human nature to always want more.

It’s for that purpose that Samsung has added a new feature known as the Wi-Fi repeater or Extender and yes, it’s exactly what you guessed it was. The feature practically enables you to share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices. Nonetheless, this is not exactly tethering, but more of extending or repeating Wi-Fi signal to provide a much stronger signal for other devices.

This feature is especially perfect if you are connected to a Wi-Fi signal and you wish to share it with another device but you can’t remember the network password. With Wi-Fi sharing enabled, sharing your signal connection becomes easier than ever before, so you could start by taking advantage of that on your Galaxy S8.

While other smartphones simply share a connection using Wi-Fi tethering, your very amazing smartphone acts as a Wi-Fi repeater or extender whereby you can easily share a Wi-Fi signal with another Android device, a PC, laptop or even a tablet. So here is all you have to do.


How to share your Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi connection

  1. Open on Settings
  2. Press on Mobile hotspot and Tethering
  3. Enable Wi-Fi sharing


If there are more interesting features on your new Galaxy S8, you can let us know soonest possible then check out for more tips to make the best of your new smartphone.

You should however note that this feature is only available in Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus for now. Maybe the company will decide to include it in future software updates for its other smartphone models, but it is not guaranteed for sure.




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