How To Solve Galaxy S9 Forgotten Privacy Mode Password

The Privacy Mode is one of the best privacy protectors that a Samsung Galaxy S9 user can take advantage of. Nevertheless, this tool can also turn into a real problem in the unfortunate event that you forget the access code.

That’s right, the code that you use to unlock the Privacy Mode and gain access to your protected files can sometimes be forgotten. If you have moved your most important documents and files into the Privacy Mode but you now seem to have lost access to it, we can see why you’re so anxious to get to the bottom of the problem.

  • How can you solve the Galaxy S9 forgotten Privacy Mode password?
  • Can you get a clue that will help you remind the password?
  • Can you bypass its password and then reset it?
  • Are all your documents and files lost if you can’t fix the situation?


How To Solve Galaxy S9 Forgotten Privacy Mode Password

All these are questions we get on a regular basis from our readers…

To all of them, we have the same things to say: once you have forgotten the password you set for the Privacy Mode, there’s no way you’ll be getting it back. This, of course, doesn’t mean you must give up on all your personal files, currently locked in that protected mode. The way out of this embarrassing situation is the hard reset.

With the hard reset, you bring the Samsung Galaxy S9 to its default settings. If you go straight to this process, you will lose all your data, without a doubt. But if you take the time to create a backup of the device first, you can then perform the hard reset. When all things are back in place, restore your backup and you shouldn’t lose anything you had on the phone prior to this reset!

All the general aspects being settled, you’re now minutes away from literally solving the Galaxy S9 forgotten Privacy Mode password problem. Read this guide of ours on how to hard reset a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus and get through with it!


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