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How To Solve Speakers Sound Distorted Issue On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

You’ve looked at your Samsung Galaxy S8 device and couldn’t help but feel pure excitement. It has a special design and it was obviously built with quality in mind, it incorporates some essential features, reintroducing even the microSD storage, and it is water and dust-resistant. Whether you’ve asked yourself what chances you might have to experience problems with it or not, the truth is that many of the issues can only be spot on the go.

You have to use it in order to experience some common problems and one of them is the distorted sound issue of the speakers. It usually occurs soon after the device was accidentally or intentionally exposed to humidity. Why would anyone want to get such an expensive smartphone wet?

Just like we mentioned before, Samsung Galaxy S8 is water resistant and some users might consider testing this feature. In technical terms, the smartphone is classified by the IP68 standard. According to it, the device can be easily submerged in water, to depths of up to 1.5 meters, for as long as 30 minutes! And it should work just fine after that!

How comes that, even though you didn’t submerge it into water, you’re dealing with these problems? Perhaps you’ve heard a distortion resembling a crackling from the speaker? Does it occur randomly, with playing videos or music, making you feel completely uncomfortable?

It must be unpleasant. And as hard to believe as it is, there is a high probability that you have accidentally exposed the Samsung Galaxy S8 to water and this triggered the sound distorted problem. The good news is that there is nothing too serious and it should be easily fixed.

For starters, let the phone dry for about two hours. Use a tissue or a towel to remove the extra moisture, if necessary, but then, just let it sit and dry. When the water will be gone, so will be your problem. If not, consider that you might be dealing with a different problem, unrelated to water exposure – a Samsung technician could look into it and decide what would work best to fix it!

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