How To Split Screen On Galaxy J7

Ever seen someone using the Split Screen View and the Multi Window Mode on a Samsung Galaxy J7? Were you interested in learning how to do the same on your smartphone?

It’s true, the Galaxy J7 has a generous screen that you can easily split and run two apps on it, at the same time. If only things were as simple as dragging and resizing a window on your PC’s screen…

Wait a second, they actually are that simple! All you have to do in order to start dragging and resizing the two windows is to first activate the Split Screen feature facilitated by the Multi Window Mode.

While this is an option available on many intelligent phones, it is usually disabled by default. Once you enable it and take a few minutes to learn how to tweak its windows, it shouldn’t have any secrets for you.


To split the screen of your Galaxy J7…

  1. Go to the Settings menu;
  2. Select the Multi Window mode listed under the Device category;
  3. Tap on its toggle to activate it.


These are the 3 simple steps to enabling the Split Screen. You can choose to do this every time when you are planning on using two different apps consequently. Or you can check the box of the “Open in Multi Window view” option before you leave the menus, to make sure that it stays permanently active.

With this mode on, every time when you launch an app it will automatically open on half of the screen, so you can have some extra room for launching another app right after that.

You can tell that the mode is active and that you can use it this way whenever you see the half-circle or the semi-circle in gray popping up on your Samsung Galaxy J7 screen.

Just drag the apps you’re planning to use and the device will evenly distribute them on the two halves of the display. Tap the circle from the middle of these two screens to drag it and resize the windows as you see fit. Now enjoy the split screen experience!

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