How To Take Virtual Shot On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

The Virtual Shot mode lets you capture a wide image at 360 degrees and make a single panoramic photo out of it. A great feature of the Camera App introduced ever since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and continuing to the current Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

If you like the idea of creating a string of unique snaps, all from the same subject, from all its sides, and then have a look at it with the 360-degree viewer of your smartphone, you can do that. There are plenty of instances when one might want to immortalize a great scenery and a special context so we’re not gonna waste time exemplifying you the numerous situations when you might find yourself searching for this feature.

We would like instead to show you the detailed steps of how to use the Virtual Shot with your Samsung Galaxy S9 and its dedicated Camera app. For instance, it will help you knowing, from the very beginning, that this is actually a special Mode of the app that needs to be selected right from the app’s Mode menu.

Once you turn it on, you will have to carefully walk around your main point of interest, taking the snaps and making sure that the object of the photo will remain in the center of the screen through the entire process.

It might take a bit of practice until you will be able to shoot some amazing virtual shots, but it all starts with learning that you have his option at hand and using it as much as you can until it will have no secrets for you. The latter is your job, but with the first part we can help right now:


To take a Virtual Shot with the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera…

  1. First, navigate to the Camera app and launch it – depending on where you have its shortcut, you could easily access it from the Lock screen, from the Home screen, or from the App drawer;
  2. Once inside the Camera app, look for the special Mode button available on the display;
  3. Tap on the Mode button and you will get a list of options from where you should select the one labeled as Virtual Shot;
  4. Now that the mode is turned on, you will have to make yourself room around the subject of your Virtual Shot – make sure that you literally have the space to circle around it without anything staying in your way;
  5. Hit the button to start the image capture with the subject in the center of the screen;
  6. Take the time to walk around the object, slowly, at even pace, until the camera finishes the dedicated time shooting for the Virtual Shot.


Once the capture ended, you simply access the picture from the Gallery and tilt the display or swipe the screen to see the images captured around the object.

You should know that you also have a couple of other options just as cool. For instance, use the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 to make a Virtual Shot with you in the center of the screen, like a rotating selfie. Aside from the Virtual Shot, you can try the Food Mode, which lets you emphasize those finger-licking food photographs and make them more appetizing than ever. Check out the Panorama Shot and the Pro mode while you’re there!


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