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How To Trace Lost Galaxy S8 Or Galaxy S8+ Plus

You may have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus and have just lost your smartphone and you cannot find it. It could have been that you have lost your phone in your house or somewhere that is silly. It could be worse when you have put your phone on silent, which makes it so difficult for you to find it.

We will show you a variety of methods that you can use in order to find your lost Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. You will also be able to wipe all and lock up your data when it has been stolen or lost so that your personal data can be kept safe. It will be beneficial for you to make sure you keep you information safe just in case it gets into a bad place.


Locating A Lost Galaxy S8

This features allow you to find your Galaxy S8 if you lose it or do certain things on your phone if you are not near it such as Android Manager which was created by Google. You must have first signed into Google/Gmail on the Galaxy S8. You can also use the Find My Mobile on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well and you will be able to use the feature if your Samsung account has been used on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Locating a lost Samsung Galaxy S8 (Method 1):

We will first be discussing how you can locate your lost Galaxy S8 by using Android Device Manager. You are able to use Android Device Manger on any browser that is an online browser. You will be able to find it if someone stole in and you won’t be able to find it using the feature. You can also wipe your data and lock it. It will not matter if your device on silent because you can make it ring using Android Device Manager.

In general, you will be able to find it whenever you lost your phone at your house or it has gotten stolen. This feature will make your phone ring until you find it. Once you find it, make your smartphone to stop ringing by clicking the power button.

  1. Go to the Android Device Manager to begin with.
  2. Put in your information for Google to get into your account once you see a login screen show up.
  3. You will the see a name and map show up on the device.
  4. You will be able to find your phone on a map or lock and wipe the data or you can make your device have maximum volume when ringing when you use this.


You are done. It is recommended for you to continue to the other method to remotely find your lost Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus if you are not able to log into a Google account on your phone when you have lost it.


Locating, wipe or ring your lost Samsung Galaxy S8 if you lose it (Method 2)

You will remotely access your phone by using these methods and use your Samsung Account. If you have lost your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus and you are sure its somewhere around but its on silent, so it wont ring when you call.

  1. Use the Ring My Phone option and it will ring your Galaxy S8 at the highest volume even though your device is on vibration or silent.
  2. You will be able to find the phone on your Google map by using the method.
  3. You can erase all of your personal data that includes contacts and pictures if you are sue that you cannot get your phone back.
  4. You will also be able to erase all of your payments methods and registered cars and other information on the Galaxy S8 that you lost by using the Samsung Find My Mobile feature.
  5. You are also able to use the service unlock or lock your phone.
  6. Navigate to the Samsung Find My Mobile in the beginning.
  7. Use your credential for your Samsung account to login. You may have forgotten your password and email, so you can remember them by using the option for finding your password/email, which you can find below the login area.
  8. A number of operations will be shown so you can use your phone when you are not near it.
    • Choose the “locate my device” to bring up your phone on maps so you will be able to see where your phone was last.
    • If you have given up on trying to find your Galaxy S8, you can try to wipe your data that has information on payment detail and credit cars.
    • If you have misplaced your phone and it is on silent, you can make it ring as loud as it can so it is much easier that moving your furniture around your house. You can do this by using the “Ring my device” option.


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