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How To Troubleshoot Galaxy S8 Camera Not Working

Not being able to use the camera on your Samsung Galaxy S8 can be very upsetting. The smartphone is quite popular for its great camera features and if you got used to taking snapshots of pretty much everything around you, getting that message that says “Warning – Camera Failed” will definitely take you by surprise.

The fact is that numerous users complained about getting this message and then not being able to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera at all. They’ve tried to reboot the device and even to return it to the factory settings, without success.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a couple of things you can try and that have been reported to make the camera eventually work.


How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 camera not working

  • Begin with the good, old-fashioned restart. Press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously and hold it for about 7 seconds, right until you feel a short vibration and the phone will turn off;
  • Then, try to forcefully stop the Camera app from the Application Manager. Access the General Settings, tap on the Application Manager, Tap on Camera App and select the Force stop, then clear the data and the cache.
  • Alternatively, clear the cache partition to fix the camera failed problem of your Galaxy S8. With the smartphone turned off, and get it in Recovery Mode. Release the buttons when you see the Android system recovery screen and use the Volume Down button to highlight the option that says Wipe Cache Partition. Then, use the Power button to select the option and perform the wipe cache partition.
  • Last but not least, if none of the above helped you get your camera back, contact the retailer from where you bought that Samsung Galaxy S8. Have them investigate the problem and chances are they will conclude that the camera is broken and decide to replace it.


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