How To Turn Off And Disable Clicking Sound On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

The first time you bought your Samsung Note 8 or Note 9, you probably didn’t bother with checking its Sound options from the general settings. Sure, you’ve personalized your sound mode and vibrate while ringing options, but, most likely, you’ve overlooked everything else.


By everything else we mean the sounds that occur whenever you:

  1. touch or tap the display of the device to make particular selections;
  2. lock or unlock the screen;
  3. connect the device to a charger;
  4. tap the dialing keypad;
  5. tap the Samsung keyboard.


As you can notice, all of them are connected to particular actions of the user. Consequently, they are a default feature of Samsung’s Nature UX interface. From all these five general sound options, four of them are often considered as very annoying by many of the Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 users. We are obviously talking about:

  1. The Touch Sounds – are associated with touching different symbols on the display and they make that water-drop sound;
  2. The Screen Lock Sound – is that tone you hear whenever you lock or unlock the screen of your Galaxy Note 8;
  3. The Samsung Keyboard Sounds – is that annoying clicking sound you get to hear whenever you touch a key from your default keyboard;
  4. The Dialing Keypad Tone – is that sound you hear whenever you launch the Phone app and try to type a number within the Dial Pad.


Coming up next, we will show you the steps for turning them off. All of them, one by one:


The Touch Sounds

  1. Go to Apps;
  2. Launch the Settings app;
  3. Navigate to Sound;
  4. Find the Touch Sounds option;
  5. Tap on it to disable the sound.


The Screen Lock Sounds

  1. Go to the Apps screen;
  2. Open the Settings section;
  3. Tap on Sound;
  4. Identify the Screen Lock Sound option;
  5. Tap on it to deactivate this sound.


The Keyboard Sound

  • Method #1
    • Start from the same Settings app within the Apps screen;
    • This time, go to Language & Input;
    • Find the Samsung Keyboard listed in there and select it;
    • Find the Sound option within that section and tap on it to turn it off;


  • Method #2
    • Go to the General Sound Settings from the Settings app;
    • In there, you should see the Samsung Keyboard option with the Sound entry listed underneath it;
    • Uncheck the Sound option.


The Keypad Sound

  • Method #1
    • Go to Apps >> Settings;
    • Go to Sound >> Dialing Keypad Tone;
    • Tap on the Dialing Keypad Tone to deactivate it.


  • Method #2
    • Go to Apps >> Phone;
    • Go to Menu >> Settings;
    • Go to Call >> Ringtone & Keypad Tones;
    • Find the Dialing Keypad Tone and uncheck it.


It looks like a lot to process but, as you might have noticed, the majority of these options are under the Sound menu, a main entry of the Settings app. If you make it to that part of your Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 settings, you should have no problem in spotting all your Sound options listed within different sections.

That’s where you can disable all of them with one touch. And, of course, that is also the place where you can come back anytime, tap on them once again, turn them back on. No more clicking sounds when using your Note 9 or Note 8 and now, that your frustration is gone, you can start looking at it as the real best-selling smartphone.

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