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How To Turn OFF And ON Autocorrect On Samsung Note 8

Smartphones are one of the major things that are connecting the whole world with us. Nowadays it is hard to think a second without your phone. Conversing with your beloved ones is a part of its implications. The feature autocorrect is important also in this part because it helps in rectifying the mistakes that you do while typing.

In some cases, it is observed that autocorrect rectifies something that is not wrong at all. No reason to be worried because Samsung has your back because the feature can be turned off when it is needed.

Features like these are important but in case of talking with friends, it becomes almost useless because using in general phrases is the trend that the world is following. Down below the process of stopping the action is given. It is really easy and you will learn it quickly.


The process of stopping auto-correction

  1. At first, you have to turn the machine on for the purpose.
  2. Then go to the keyboard screen.
  3. Left to the space bar there is a direction key and you have to hold that for some seconds.
  4. You will find a settings option there.
  5. There will be an option named smart typing and after selecting it you will get the predictive text option. Just disable that.
  6. If you want then you can disable punctuation marks and auto-capitalization if you want.


This is the simple process and if you wish to get it back to its condition then just follow the same process but instead of offing you have to on the auto-correct option and you will find that your phone is ready for any kind of professional conversation.

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