How To Turn Off Background Apps On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A sluggish Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can easily disappoint you. You’ve paid for one of the best smartphones on the market and the sight of a slow device with a battery that dies before you know it is no good news. The good news, however, is that all these unpleasant things might happen because of too many apps and services running in the background. You’d better take control and stop all of them from staying active and scanning for regular updates.

You can handle the part with the manual updates of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 apps and services. For now, the priority is to declutter its memory and make it work as it is supposed to. Below, you’ll get all the required instructions. We start with some particular apps and services that need special attention but we will end with the overall steps that work for the majority of them in bulk. Time to make your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 work flawlessly!


Turn off the Gmail and all the other Google services:

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Go to Accounts;
  4. Tap on Google;
  5. Tap on your account’s name;
  6. Uncheck the service you want to disable.


Turn off the Twitter background data:

  1. Unlock the phone;
  2. Tap on Settings;
  3. Tap on Accounts;
  4. Go to Twitter;
  5. Tap on the Sync Twitter option to uncheck it.


Turn off the Facebook background data:

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Launch the Facebook app;
  3. Access its settings;
  4. Go to Refresh Interval;
  5. Select its value to Never.


To turn off all your other Galaxy Note 8 applications:

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Use the Recent apps button located next to the physical Home button;
  3. Tap on the Active apps icon;
  4. Select End All and confirm with ok.


Noteyou can also close only particular apps, by selecting them manually and tapping on the End option next to each of them.


To turn off all your Galaxy Note 8 services:

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Use the Settings menu;
  3. Navigate to Data usage;
  4. Tap on the three-dots icon at the upper right corner;
  5. From the context menu, uncheck Auto Sync Data;
  6. Confirm with OK.


If you’re having problems with any of these, let us know. Together, we’ll find a fix for disabling even the most stubborn Galaxy Note 8 apps and services!

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