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How To Turn OFF Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and Samsung Galaxy S8 make use of this technology on a regular base. If only you would actually need to connect your device to an NFC reader or NFC tag just so you can automatically pay for your groceries, dial some phone numbers or access particular web pages!

The truth is that as cool as the entire above sounds, not too many users rely on the . At the same time, more and more users complain about having a too cluttered home screen, too little space in the status bar, and the difficulty to spot the icons of their notifications.

It was something to expect for, right? The more features they cram into this versatile smartphone, the harder it is for users to enjoy them without experiencing some frustration at some point. If you’ve made it to that point, as you can imagine, NFC is one of the first features that you could make go away from the status bar.

With one free space up there, you will feel excited about cleaning the status bar a bit, but let us take things one at a time and detail the steps for deactivating this one first.


To disable the NFC on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone…

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen and launch the Notification panel;
  3. Access the general Settings menu my tapping on the small icon at the upper right corner, the one representing a small gear;
  4. Once inside the extended list of Settings, scroll down until you identify the NFC and Payments section;
  5. Tap on it to access the custom details of this feature;
  6. Select the NFC sub-menu;
  7. Look at the top of the screen, for the dedicated NFC controller;
  8. Tap on it to switch it from On to Off;
  9. Leave the menus and continue using your phone as usually.


These are the simple steps for turning off the NFC. The only mention we should probably make at this final stage is that Sprint is one of the few carriers that will not display this icon whether you keep the NFC On or Off.

As you can see, it takes longer to spot the special option in the menus than to actually disable it. But now that you have learned this path, you can look for it anytime when you want to turn it back on or disable it all over again.


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