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How To Turn Off Galaxy S8 Apps Notifications

The Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8 comes with a variety of applications that sometimes its operations can be a nuisance to the user and thereby you may want to turn off some of their notifications. Some of the apps may keep on updating their notifications from now and then and most of the users have always wanted to get rid of this to avoid the inconvenience.

This basically does not mean that all the notifications should be turned off, we are concentrating on the notifications that are not so important and the user can operate the phone without them. On the other hand, the most important notifications in regard to the apps are those that are telling the user about apps update and those that relay a message on software update.

For those apps that keep on sending notifications to your device it basically means that they can install some apps in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus in the background and this could lead to data usage without the user being aware of the actions.

It is important if you can disable the apps that keep on updating automatically which has already been mentioned in the previous details. Sometimes it does not mean anything to disable the apps but the simplest way is to stop the notifications of the apps and the problem will remain solved forever.



It has never been hard for the users of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 to disable the Galaxy Apps because this has not been asked for a while. You can stop the Galaxy Apps from popping up everything including those that are not important to you. If this happens for a long time it cannot have any damage to your phone but the longevity of the battery will not be achievable. Go to the apps section and find an icon white in color called “Galaxy Apps” and press on it.

It is advisable to leave the default updates on because it will only work for the WIFI update only and leave the important updates to update automatically. After opening the apps upon pressing the Galaxy Apps, find “More” on the top right of the screen and then press on the settings, select the apps that you want to turn off the notifications and press on it. If this is not helpful to you, then follow the next step.

  1. Open the Galaxy Apps and select settings
  2. Touch on “More” and opt for the settings
  3. Turn off the button and press “Push Notifications”


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