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How To Turn ON Developer Mode On Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus

The newest models of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus come with a whole load of new features. However, for you to use the new features, you need to have the developer mode turned ON. Google chooses to hide some of the features from the basic user making it impossible for the user to access the security settings and other features. Therefore, it is quite important that you know how to enable the developer mode on Galaxy S8+ Plus.

The great thing about this is that you will be able to gain access to all the hidden features by just enabling the developer mode on your Galaxy S8+ Plus. With the developer mode, you can manipulate additional settings features, enable USB debugging mode as well as gaining access to other advanced functions.

You wish to be a developer, install third party apps or simply mess around with your device, it starts with enabling the developer mode on Galaxy S8+ Plus. Read our guide on how to switch ON the developer mode on Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Enabling the Developer Mode

You need to first switch ON Galaxy S8+ Plus. Go to the settings menu. Browse the ‘’about device’’ option and hit on the ‘’build number’’. Other times, you might be required to severally press on the build number for you to unlock the developer menu..

After several taps, a prompt appears. Then tap 4 more times and that’s it. Hit the Back key to go back to base settings menu of your Galaxy S8+ Plus. You should see a new settings option right above the ‘’about device’’ setting.

Developer setting option appears right above the ‘about device setting. Hit on developer options and this should take you to a previously hidden menu. For the full functionality of the new option, toggle it to ON.

Then a load of settings that are usually aimed for the advanced user should appear. The great advantage of having these settings is gaining access to settings not just available to the common phone user.


Why enable the Developer Mode?

People forget that when you enable the Developer Mode, there is actually no harm done to your smartphone. The features that Google opts to hide from your reach are hidden for a purpose. If you wish to pimp up your device, then you need to seriously consider Developer Mode.


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