How To Turn ON Flashlight With Samsung Note 9

Turning a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 into a flashlight is piece of cake. And for those of you who are still reluctant about it, suffices to remind you that this awesome smartphone can do pretty much anything from monitoring your heart rate and measuring your steps to telling you the weather forecast and launching you a compass app within seconds. So, yes, why not turn on the Note 9 flashlight as well? There will be no LED Maglight, but you’ll still be extremely happy with it!

  • Lesson number 1the flashlight is known as and labeled as the Torch feature. If you are to search for it within the settings of the Note 9, keep this name in mind. Speaking of which, where should you be looking for this feature?
  • Lesson number 2the flashlight is actually a widget, which means you’ll find it in the list with all the widgets available on the device. This is good news because it means you don’t need to download any third-party app, but if you still don’t know where your widgets are, bear with us one minute.
  • Lesson number 3to get to the widgets list, you have to access the Edit Screen, which is doable from the Home screen. Long press on an empty area and you’ll spot the Widgets icon as soon as the Edit Screen extends.


With these 3 essential lessons on how to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a flashlight, you’re ready to go. Head to the Edit Screen and the Widgets section, surf through the list of widgets until you find the Torch app, select it and drag it to the Home screen.

Once you did all that, the Note 9 Torch will always stay there, for you to turn it On or Off with just one tap. The alternative to this short tutorial focused on the Edit Screen is a series of similar instructions focused on the Launcher. You’ve asked how to use the flashlight on Samsung Note 9 and we’ve answered. What else do you need to know? Write us a message in the comments section below!

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