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How To Turn ON Galaxy S8+ Plus Notification LED Light

The Galaxy S8+ Plus is a water resistant device and has very good features including the LED light above the screen for you to use when there is the need for an emergency during the dark seasons for the user’s alerts, and more especially when the Galaxy S8+ Plus is in silent mode. This is a different feature from the flashlight widget that is always on the Galaxy S8 Screen. The LED light notification is meant to alert you whenever a message gets in for Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8+ Plus notifications are not only for the texts, but also for the updates and even the missed call that has gone without the notice of the user. The LED Light will always blink whenever there is an incoming call, text, and missed calls and many more notifications that will be discussed later in this manual. Some of the users may want to turn off the LED light notification for their own personal reasons. This is how to turn off the LED light on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.

It is a challenge to getting to know the users of the Galaxy S8+ Plus utilize the feature but what can be done as for now is to be able to give you the ideas on how to switch it off. Another thing that has proven to be hard to control is the color of the flashlight that you may want to use for the LED notification. You may want a color that is not recognized by the feature but to help you out we are only going to deal with how to turn it off.

The process of turning off the Galaxy S8+ Plus is very short and simple than it is going to be explained. In fact, the procedure takes only less than 30 seconds for you to accomplish the procedure. Another thing about the LED light notification is the fact that it is important during that time when you are charging the phone; the color will always change from red to green when the battery is fully charged.

When the battery is low the LED light will turn orange and all this will be helpful for you to note even without unlocking the home screen. The LED notification light will always blink after some time whenever you have unread texts, missed calls, and when your battery is low. But if you would like to switch off the LED notification light in the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8, below is an explanation on how to turn it off.


Instructions on how to turning off the Galaxy S8+ Plus LED Notification

  1. Pull down the notification bar by swiping downwards from the home screen and tap on the settings cog.
  2. Another way to find the setting is by opening the application app and tap on the settings icon.
  3. Go to the display setting which is now visible on the screen and touch on the “Display Settings” for the LED notifications.
  4. Look for the “LED Indicator” and press it to switch it off.


That is how short and simple it is, you may have heard problems at night because it blinks even when you are asleep and some users have even confirmed that they have been forced to turn the phone upside down so that they may not be obstructed by the blinking LED light. Others have been prompted to put the phone under their beds to avoid the inconvenience. There is one thing that the users of this type of Smartphone must be aware of the LED light on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, when you turn off the feature you will completely do this for all the notification and the problem comes in when charging, you have to confirm from the screen if the phone is charging or not. How we wish this were possible to be done for specific apps or notifications only.


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