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How To Turn ON Predictive Text Samsung Note 9

You probably anticipated this, but it is only when it happens to you that you get the true dimensions of the situation: a Samsung Note 9 comes with an overwhelming range of settings and custom features. It takes time to get to know it better and it certainly takes a lot of motivation. If you are the type of person who texts a lot, the special features that come with the built-in Samsung Keyboard are one of the first things you should inspect.


In today’s article, we’d like to talk to you about the Predictive Text on Note 9, with a few extra side notes on other options. This input technology is extremely helpful when it comes to fast typing. The more you write on your phone, the more words it will “learn” and start suggesting you the words that you are about to type based on the first letters alone!

The Note 9 Predictive Text option is listed, along with other similar features that will make your typing much easier, within the Samsung Keyboard settings section, under Language and Input.


To activate the Predictive Text from Samsung Note 9:

  1. Turn on your phone;
  2. Go to the Notification Shade;
  3. Select the Settings icon;
  4. Tap on Language & Input;
  5. Tap on the Samsung Keyboard entry;
  6. Tap on the Predictive Text feature and switch it from Off to On.


As mentioned above, now that you have activated the Predictive Text, you might as well explore all your other options. Don’t leave the settings unless you’ve looked into the advanced options – check out the option to create time delays so you can insert special characters with long press key strokes! Or the text correction options, the Autocorrect in particular! Or the custom dictionary that works hand in hand with the Autocorrect and that helps the device decide what words to ignore and what words to correct!

Samsung Note 9 is, indeed, a very competitive smartphone and the Predictive Text can be easily considered just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why we strongly suggest you to get to know the typing options in depth, there’s a lot more you can discover in there!

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