How To Turn ON Samsung Note 8 Developer Mode

Do you know anything about the USB debugging, installing ROMs, and other advanced features? Better yet, are you planning to become a developer? If you have higher expectations from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – in any case, higher than the ones of the average user who just wants to play and surf the web – you’ve come to the right place. We will show you how to turn on the Developer Mode and obtain access to additional controls, settings, and special features.


Should you enable the Developer Mode on Galaxy Note 8? How?

The main reason why you are probably questioning this decision relates to how safe it is. If you are concerned that by doing so you risk damaging the smartphone, we’ll gladly ease your worries. You won’t do that, there’s nothing outrageous that can happen when navigating through the extra options that the Developer Mode is going to give you access to.


Just because it is a hidden feature, it doesn’t mean it’s a dangerous one. Google has prevented the regular users’ access to it because it comes with advanced options and it makes sense that only the advanced users should get to it. Speaking of which, here is how to do it:

  1. Leave whatever you’re doing and head back to the Home Screen;
  2. Use one finger to swipe from the top of the display and extend the Notification Bar;
  3. Go at the upper right corner and select the tiny gear icon that will take you to the general Settings menu;
  4. In there, identify the About Device option and select it;
  5. Right under the About Device section, you should have an entry listed as Build Number;
  6. Once you’ve spotted the Build Number, tap on it 6-7 times in a row until you unlock the Developer menu;
  7. At some point, you’ll see a prompt on the display and right after that, tap for another 4 times in a row and leave this menu;
  8. Return to the Settings menu and this time, somewhere close to the About Device menu, you should see a new menu that wasn’t there before: the Developer Menu;
  9. Select that menu and turn on the Developer Mode.


From that point, you’re free to explore all the options that the Developer Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is giving you!

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