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How To Use Alarm Clock On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

The alarm clock is one of those Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 apps where what you see is a lot less than what you get. Of course, you would have to know your options and take some time to browse through its settings in order to spot the impressive opportunities that this apparently simple app is offering you.

We’re not just talking about the snooze feature, though, that one might as well be on top of everyone’s preferences. Let us show you how to set new alarms, how to edit your alarms and even how to delete previously created entries and you’ll see what we are trying to say to you.


Learn how to manage alarms on Note 9 and Note 8

We will start with managing an alarm because this is the most complex and most important part of the Clock app on Note 9 and Note 8. When you aren’t fully aware of the particularities of an alarm, you either risk making the wrong choices or you are just missing on some big opportunities. For instance, did you know that you have actually no less than 7 settings for a single alarm?

Once you have tapped the Create button, you get to see all those options and tweak their default settings. Here they are, in the same exact order as your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 Clock App displays it:

  1. The actual alarm time, with AM/PM options – use the special arrows to set it;
  2. The alarm repeat preferences – you can tick the initials of the days when you want the alarm to ring, as there are all the 7 days of the week listed in there;
  3. The alarm type – you can set if you want the app to make the phone only to vibrate, only to ring, or to use both the sound and the vibration at the same time;
  4. The alarm tone – you can select an alarm song from the pre-installed audio files or use a different song currently stored on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9;
  5. The alarm volume – you can adjust how loud or how slowly the alarm should ring by dragging a dedicated slider;
  6. The snooze feature – you cannot snooze an alarm unless you have already activated this option in advance, but you can also set up the snooze interval (3/6/10/16/30 minutes) and the snooze repeat number (1/2/3/6/10 times);
  7. The name of the alarm – if there’s one particular message you want to see on the screen as the alarm triggers, this is the section where you can type it.


All these 7 features of the Alarm Clock on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 discussed, you can go on and customize your alarms. If you make any kind of mistake, you have the Delete option that becomes available as soon as you long press on an already created alarm. If the alarm rings and you want to turn it off or to activate the snooze, you’ll just have to touch and swipe on the red X symbol (to turn off) or the yellow ZZ symbol (to snooze it).

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