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How To Use As Mobile Hotspot On Samsung Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has new and interesting features, which makes it reliable for Hotspot. In this world of technology, the internet has become an important part of man’s life. Therefore when you are out of your home, you desired to have an internet connection. Therefore you can use the internet via Hotspot while staying out of your home.

In this way, your Galaxy Note 8 has an access to other internet devices. With Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hotspot, these internet connections get an easy way to be connected. If there is a bad public connection, then it is necessary to set up the Galaxy Note 8 as a mobile Hotspot. Even the battery life for the mobile hotspot is great it can remain for four hours.

For an easy access to Hotspot on Galaxy Note 8, you have to set up your mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is not a difficult thing to do. It can be accessed easily. Here are the following steps through which you can change your Galaxy Note 8 security password easily.


How to turn the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into a wireless hotspot:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  2. Click on the Notification Settings and then swipe your Home Screen down.
  3. On the top right corner of your home screen, click on the Settings
  4. Scan for Tethering and WiFi hotspot and choose it.
  5. Click on the option of Mobile Hotspot.
  6. There is on/off toggle on your Home Screen, turn this Toggle on.
  1. Turn off your WIFI by clicking OK on attention option.
  2. Then move with the directive options with the bottom of the screen to connect your Galaxy Note 8 with other devices.


How to change the password and security type for wireless hotspot on Galaxy Note 8

It is great to get some changes and to add a password for mobile Hotspot. Not only standard for the password but also is a default to WPA2 for security. Now follow the below steps to get some changes in its settings.

  1. Switch your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on.
  2. Swipe your Home Screen down, and click on the Notification Settings.
  3. On your home screen right top, push on the option Settings.
  4. Scan for Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot and choose it.
  5. Then click on the option Mobile Hotspot.
  6. Choose the three dots on your home screen to get more options.
  7. Choose Configure.
  8. Change your password and click on Save option.


It is not common that service providers offer this. Therefore it is necessary to note that some data plans of other devices don’t offer Hotspot service unless you have an access to upgraded version. Hotspot activation is not done, if with the help of these instructions.

If your Hotspot doesn’t respond to you on your Galaxy Note 8 then you must contact your wireless carrier to find out the success of your data plan.

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