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How To Use Auto Reject On Samsung Note 8

The beauty of having a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that you have so many options that spare you from so much pain! For pretty much any annoying thing that you experience, there is probably a special feature waiting to be activated. Take the intrusive calls from telemarketers, spammers, or just people you know but you don’t want to be bothered by… Instead of manually rejecting each of their calls, you can make it an automatic process. Blocking calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is easy. Learn how to use the rejection list and what alternatives you have at hand!


As a rule, the Note 8 can help you:

  1. Block only the calls from a unique number, an individual caller;
  2. Block the calls from people who hide their numbers – all the unknown callers;
  3. Block whatever caller you want straight from the auto-reject list.


To block just one call from just one caller…

  1. You can access the Phone app of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  2. Go to the Contacts tab or even to the Recent Calls tab and find that number that you want to block;
  3. Select it and tap on the More option from the top right corner;
  4. You’ll see on that list an option “Add to auto reject list” – tap on it and that’s all.


To block all the unknown callers…

  1. As you can imagine, this is a general setting and you can access it from the auto rejection list;
  2. Within that section, you should find the Unknown Callers option;
  3. Tap on it to switch its dedicated toggle from Off to On and consider the things all set up – whenever a hidden number will try to contact you, the call will be automatically blocked!


To block as many callers as you want by their phone numbers…

  1. You’ll have to follow this path: Phone app >> More >> Settings >> Call Rejection >> Auto reject list;
  2. When you’re within the Auto reject list, you can enter any phone number and add it to this black list;
  3. Or you can browse your phone’s agenda from there and select contacts that you wish to block.


Needless to say, the auto reject list is also the place from where you can unblock contacts, whenever you want. Now go clean up your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 agenda!

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