How To Use Clock On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Combining beauty with practicality, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are offering you a multifunctional clock app. With its help, one can not only set up alarms but also keep the time for specific actions, find out the time in different areas of the globe, or use the cool countdown feature. Of course, by far the most interesting feature of all is the alarm, paired with the snooze feature that millions of people abuse each morning when they don’t feel like waking up at the exact set time on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Chances are you know how to set up an alarm, but do you really know all the options that your smartphone is giving you? Let’s take a closer look at this versatile widget and give you some precious information on how to make the best of it!

  • First things first, did you know that there are no less than 7 options you can tweak with a simple alarm?
  • Or that, even though the Snooze is one of those options, unless you manually activate it you won’t be able to use it when the alarm goes on?
  • Or that you don’t really have to set up an alarm each evening for the next day, at the same hour, when you can choose to repeat the alarm on specific days of the week?
  • And that last but not least, you can make your alarm tone to ring and vibrate at the same time?


All these and a couple of other interesting features will be introduced below. Keep reading and try it on the go!


Step 1 – Create And Manage Alarms On Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy S9 Plus:

If you open up the Apps Drawer and select the Clock app, you will see the Create option available right away. Tap it and begin configuring your alarm, taking into account the 7 main options that we already mentioned above:

  1. Time – the exact hour when you need the alarm to ring;
    • Don’t forget to use the AM/PM toggle for the desired display pattern and use the Up/Down arrows for setting it.
  2. Repeat – the exact days of the week when you want the alarm to ring, without you having to activate it each night;
    • Mark each day manually or use the Repeat weekly box if you want to check all the days of the week.
  3. Type – the exact alarm pattern, how you want it to ring when it goes on;
    • You can select the Sound or the Vibration option, but you can also choose both at the same time.
  4. Tone – the exact ringtone you would like to hear, in the event that you activate the Sound alarm type;
    • You can choose a predefined alarm tone or select a different audio file from your phone for this purpose.
  5. Volume – the exact alarm volume, how slow or how loud you want it to sound;
    • You simply need to drag the dedicated volume slider, right or left, to increase or to decrease the alarm volume.
  6. Snooze – if you want to have this option with your alarm, you must turn its toggle to On and select the Snooze interval (3/6/16/30 minutes) as well as the Snooze repeat (1/2/3/6 times);
  7. Name – if you want a message to pop up on the screen together with the alarm, something like “Rise & Shine” or “Time to go to the gym” or whatever, type the name in the dedicated field.


Step 2 – Know What To Expect The Next Day, When The Alarm Will Ring

If you took care of option number 6 and activated the Snooze, when the alarm will trigger, you will see a red X sign and a yellow ZZ sign on the screen, along with the alarm name. Tap, hold and swipe in any direction the symbol for the action you’d like: X to stop the alarm or ZZ to snooze the alarm.

For deleting an alarm that you just set in the clock app on Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, open up the Clock app. From the alarm menu, select and hold the selection of the alarm that you no longer need. Hit the Delete option and you’re done!


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