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How To Use HDR Camera On Note 9

The most advanced and talked about upgrade presented by Samsung in the Note 9 is the improved camera hardware. The new camera features modern technological advances and pristine quality for your photographs and videos. The new and improved Camera app offers multiple different shooting modes.

This article will explain these different built-in modes. The following information will help make you familiar with these new Camera features on your new Galaxy device.


Note 9 camera shooting modes

After launching the Camera app on your smartphone, you can immediately begin capturing photos. The default settings will allow your camera to run in shooting mode.

If you want to try different options, however, you can take a closer look and notice three other shooting options:

  1. Pro Mode
  2. Selective Focus Mode
  3. HDR Mode


Want to use the Pro Mode?

Pro mode will allow you access to advanced photography settings, like the aperture, ISO levels, and the white balance. If you are unfamiliar with these photography terms, Pro Mode may not be for you. But if you have even a vague idea or are very experienced in photography, this innovating shooting mode could greatly enhance photos taken on your Galaxy Note 9.


Want to use the Selective Focus Mode?

This photo shooting mode will allow the camera to take several photos of the subject. Each photo will have adjusted focus levels. This means it will take a little longer to process each photograph. However, this mode will offer you several options in your gallery for each photograph, enabling you to always choose the best photos.


Want to use the HDR Mode?

This shooting mode will automatically improve your photo quality depending on the different environment of each photo. Samsung states that it will combine multiple different photos at varying exposures to create one photo. This photo is supposed to be the best exposure possible. It is named after the High Dynamic Range. The goal of this photo shooting option is to brighten photos and minimize the number of your photos that come out too dark. It does this by automatically adjusting the contract in each photo set.

You can easily enable the HDR from the camera app settings. The difference in your photographs should be instant, presenting you with brilliantly lit and contrasted photos every time.

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