How to Use Headset Controls On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Something that is really great about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that you get a headset, which has options to control your music and use voice commands. You may be curious how to use the control for the headset and we can help you. The Galaxy S8 headset has three buttons on it. The buttons are Volume Down, Volume Up, and also a button to Select.


Google Search Use

Click and hold the Select button in order use the Google search. Google will only support some of the voice commands you wish to use. After you click and hold the button, a noise will sound that will have the Google screen show up.

You can use the voice commands to play specific music, check the traffic, open certain apps, or check the weather.


You can use your phone to say a variety of voice commands such as the ones below:

  • “Check missed calls”
  • “Open the Camera”
  • “Check my Schedule”
  • “Play the song AWOLNATION”
  • “Record my Voice”
  • “Find pizza place”
  • “Navigate to Los Angeles”
  • “Check today’s weather”
  • “Make appointment for dinner tomorrow at 6”
  • “Call my husband”


There are so many commands that you can use. When you speak, it takes all of the keywords that you say. You can see for yourself which phrases will work by using trail and error.


Controlling the Music

You will most likely be able to use the features on your headset to control the music with a majority of music apps.

  • You can use the Volume Down/Up buttons in order to change the volume of your audio down or up.
  • You can stop or pause your music by hitting Select once.
  • Go to the next track by hitting the Select button two times.
  • Go back to the previous track by hitting Select button three times.


When you are not other apps, you will be able to use buttons on your headset to control the music.

Phone Calls

  • To answer a phone call, just click on “Select” once.
  • Hang up your call by clicking “Select” once.


You will easily be able to get a replacement if you happen to misplace your headset that you got with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and cannot find it. The good thing is, there are a lot of third-party headsets that use the same button configuration that will work with your smartphone.



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