How To Use Hyperlapse Camera Mode On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

If you thought that the design changes, the return to supporting microSD cards, or the water and dust resistance of the Galaxy S9 Plus are all the novelties, you were wrong. Samsung also put a lot of efforts into upgrading the camera module and adding new and attractive shooting modes.

One look through the camera settings will reveal the Panorama Shot, the Food, and the Pro modes, all of which are pretty intuitive even through their names alone. And still, not everything you get to see within those menus will be intuitive to use.

Taking the Hyperlapse mode as an example, chances are you know what that is. That’s because time-lapse videos are getting hugely popular on social networks these days. And a name like the Hyperlapse mode will almost instantly tell you that you can use that one for shooting time-lapse videos. The real question, however, is how do you use it? And what options do you have at hand?

How about if you didn’t even get to this option yet? From where do you start when you’re eager to shoot for minutes or hours and compress your filming into a funny video footage of only a few seconds? Because you certainly don’t need to install a third-party app for that purpose!

If you’ve been asking yourself all these questions, you must be eager to get started. So…


Are you ready to try out the Hyperlapse mode on your Galaxy S9 Plus camera?

  1. It’s a camera mode, so, begin by launching the camera app – you can do it from the Apps icon, from the Home Screen, or even from the Lock Screen;
  2. Once inside the app, use the Mode button to surf through the available modes and ditch the default mode;
  3. In that window from the bottom right of the display, the Hyperlapse mode will be listed among all your other options;
  4. You can activate it with one tap, but you might still want to change its speed;
    • To adjust the Hyperlapse speed, select the arrow icon;
    • After you tap on the Select Speed button, you get four options:
      • 4x
      • 8x
      • 16x
      • 32x
    • Select the desired speed and move on with all the other features you can customize, like the timer for starting the Hyperlapse video;
    • Select the Timer option;
    • Set a value for how long you want the timer to work;
  5. Finally, select the Record option to get started with the filming in Hyperlapse mode;
  6. Simply hit the Stop button when you want to stop the filming.


We made it look like it’s going to be an easy thing and we still believe it is. Sure, you might have read a lengthy guide on how to use the Hyperlapse camera mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but most of it really is just details. When you move to the actual practice, you’ll see how easy it is to jump from one step to another. You should really try it sometime!

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