How To Use Incognito Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 And Note 8

Web browsing is almost irresistible with a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. But knowing that Google tracks your moves and saves your searches history is a real turn off. To get over it, turn on the Incognito Mode, a special feature that your Google Chrome is giving you access to.

When navigating incognito, the only things that the device will keep storing will be the cookies. Otherwise, consider protected everything from your search history to the pages you have clicked on and the passwords you have typed in.


The easy way to go in the Incognito Mode from Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9:

  1. First, start the Chrome browser;
  2. Then, hit the 3-dot icon, that symbol of the settings menu located at the top right corner;
  3. You’ll see the option labeled as New Incognito Tab;
  4. If you just tap on it, the screen will go black and the notification will pop-up.


You’re being told that the browsing window that you are now using will not remember anything and you can continue using the web like you normally do.


Now, you could get the same results, perhaps with some extra satisfaction, if you’re willing to switch the Google Chrome browser for the Opera Browser – this one comes with a built-in privacy mode in the browser-wide display – or even Dolphin Zero. Check the Play Store to know other options and decide which one will fit your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9.

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