How To Use Multi Window And Split Screen View On Galaxy J7


So, you’ve bought yourself or maybe recently received a Samsung Galaxy J7. Just like many other smartphones, this one too supports the Multi Window Mode and the Split Screen View. Thanks to it, you will be able to look at two different apps at the same time. Use them at the same time, swipe data from one app to another, and anything else that any of them will support.

If you’re interested in using the Split Screen View and the Multi Window Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7, begin by enabling this feature because it doesn’t come active by default. You don’t have to know how to do it, you just need to read this tutorial and follow the easy steps described below.


Enable the Multi Window Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 with these steps:

  1. Turn on your smartphone;
  2. Access the general Settings menu;
  3. Go to the Device tab;
  4. Select the Multi Window option;
  5. You will see a toggle switch in the top right corner of the next window;
  6. Tap on it to switch the Multi Window Mode from Off to On;
  7. Check the Open in Multi Window view option if you want to make it your default mode.


After following these steps, a new symbol should show up on the display of the Samsung Galaxy J7. Look for a gray half circle or semi-circle and, as long as you see it on the screen, you can tell that the Split Screen View and the Multi Window Mode are up and running. The settings are enabled and you can use this feature anytime you want:

  1. Tap on the semi-circle icon;
  2. Bring up the Multi Window Mode;
  3. Drag the two icons of the apps you want to launch;
  4. Resize the window with a press and hold on the circle from the middle of the screen;
  5. Drag that circle up or down, while still holding it, to resize the two windows.


The Samsung Galaxy J7 will let you run in parallel any apps that support the Split Screen display, so, enjoy!

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