How To Use Private Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You might have had your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for quite a while now, but if you didn’t test the Private Mode so far, you don’t know what you’re missing! This special feature is very helpful when it comes to protecting important information and hiding it in plain sight – that’s right, you keep it on your smartphone but no one can see it unless they activate the Private Mode and they know your secret pin code access.

Videos, photos, and other files can be locked away safe, for your eyes only, with this handy built-in feature. Forget about searching for third-party apps, you have one right on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you have us to show you how to use it, right now!


A short intro on how to use the Private Mode on Galaxy Note 8:

  1. It all begins with turning on the Private Mode – this will allow you to handle a wide range of media files, photos, videos, and many others included;
  2. When you’re using this mode, suffices to select a file that you want to hide;
  3. Tap on the overflow menu button – at the upper right corner;
  4. Use the Move to Private option;
  5. Repeat these steps with all the other files that you’d like to be visible in the Private Mode alone.


Are you anxious to start using the Private Mode? To activate it…

  1. Access the Quick Settings section of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – swipe downward with two fingers;
  2. Once the extended menu with Quick Settings launches, spot and tap on the Private Mode;
  3. If it’s your first experience of this kind, you’ll be asked to set up a pin code and look at a quick presentation;
  4. After typing the code and gaining access, you’re free to use the Private Mode.


Say you’ve had enough with the Private Mode? To disable it…

  1. No matter where you are, just swipe from the top of the screen with two fingers;
  2. You’ll see a large list of options and the Private Mode listed in there;
  3. Tap on the Private Mode icon and it should automatically take you to the normal running mode.


We told you it’s going to be a simple, smooth, and highly rewarding experience. And we trust that you really enjoyed testing the Private Mode with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Do tell us if you have other curiosities or concerns on this topic!

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