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How To Use Private Mode To Hide Photos On Galaxy S8 And S8+ Plus

Setting up a password is one of the basic protection measures of Android smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ also come with this feature. But, if you’re like many other users, you might not feel very comfortable having to constantly lock and unlock the device. Is there an alternative where you get to protect important files without having to use the annoying lock screen password?

You bet it is! Called the Private Mode, this special feature allows you to create a Secure Folder, where you can store your photos or anything else that you want to protect. It also works with a password, but the difference, as you can imagine, is that you will only have to use that password to access the folder, not the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8+ itself.

Aside from the fact that it reduces the excessive protection to one folder instead of the entire device, the Private Mode also has the benefit of acting as a built-in feature. It’s what your smartphone can provide, without you having to download and install any other third-party. At the same time, it is as easy to activate or deactivate as it is ticking a box.

But the cherry on top is that the protected folder won’t even be visible to regular users! Only those who know the PIN code will be able to activate the Private Mode, type the required PIN, and then get access to the hidden folder.


How to use the Private Mode on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+:

  1. Access the Quick Settings menu (swipe downward, with two fingers, from the top of the screen);
  2. Select the Private Mode;
  3. Set up a PIN Code (the first time you choose it and every other time you just type it);
  4. Once you have accessed the Private Mode, navigate through the phone and select the photographs you want to protect;
  5. Select the Overflow button of the Menu, from the upper right corner;
  6. Tap on “Move to Private”;
  7. When you’ve finished moving your photos, return to the Quick Settings menu;
  8. Tap the Private Mode icon once again;
  9. The smartphone will return to the normal mode and your protected photographs are invisible.


One of the simplest and most intuitive principles, the Secure Folder under the Private Mode is all about isolating a particular area of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ and make it accessible exclusively through a password.

Those who are clueless about the existence of the Secure Folder or who do not know the Private Mode password won’t even be able to see the photos contained by it on your smartphone. The list of supported files is longer than that and you can also include videos and other files or formats in that folder!

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