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How To Use Quick Settings On Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphones have so many features and, at the same time, so many settings that you need to take care of. It’s not always easy to keep a clear mind on what you have to do and what you can tweak to make the device work better and to make your navigation easier.

Luckily, Samsung thought about it and introduced a super-useful feature called the Quick Settings. With its help, you get to adjust some basic settings with ease. You’ve seen it from the moment you’ve activated your smartphone, but you probably didn’t know that it’s called Quick Settings.

This feature is, in fact, at the top of the notification bar and it boasts no less than 10 different quick settings. Use one finger to swipe down from the top of the screen and you will see the notification bar and 5 settings listed as default. If you continue to swipe from right to left, you’ll see that there are 5 other quick settings listed in there, a total of 10, like we said.

Some wireless providers thought taking this useful feature further by adding extra quick settings. T-Mobile clients probably know it well, since this provider is giving access to 16 quick setting choices for any Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus that you’re purchasing from it. Verizon is even more generous, with up to 19 different quick settings.

But no matter how many of these options you have at hand, what matters most is that you know how to use them. Because yes, you can adjust and change these quick settings. You don’t need to settle for whatever the manufacturer or the seller offered you as a default configuration.


The 3 steps to configuring Quick Settings on Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus

That’s right, you can adjust these settings in as little as three steps. With the device turned on,

  1. Access the Quick Settings bar;
  2. Look for the Edit button and tap on it;
  3. Start tapping and dragging the items that you want to rearrange.


Rearranging is extremely important because even if you get up to 19 different quick settings, you can only see the top 10 on the screen. Choose your priorities wisely, so you can have a smooth and flawless experience while working on your smartphone.


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