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How To Use Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Always-On Display?

The Always-On Display is a custom feature of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. With its help, you get to decide what information you want to always have on your display. You know, the kind of information you normally check your smartphone a thousand times a day for. The Clock is one of them and that is why, whenever you turn on the Always-On Display option (also known as AOD), it will show up by default. But there are other settings you can configure on it as well and we’re going to show them all to you in today’s tutorial.


What you need to know about the Always-On Display:

This name is more than self-explanatory. There are some details that your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus can permanently show on the display, while the screen is turned off, hence the “always-on display” name. On one hand, the feature is useful because it shows you important details without having to unlock the screen. On the other hand, the AOD is literally always on the display, except for when the phone stays in your purse or pocket, when you wouldn’t need it to stay active.

Also important to specify, this feature is associated with the turned-off display, not with the lock screen! Simply put, it only turns on when the screen is locked and fully black.


If you want to enable AOD on your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus…

If you’ve just found out about it, it’s obvious that the Always-On Display is not active by default. Otherwise, you would have seen it by now. At the same time, turning it on is one of the simplest things. And there are actually two different ways to activate it.

The first method is to use its dedicated icon from the Quick Settings menu. If you swipe downward, from the top of the display, with two fingers, you’ll get to that menu that takes up almost all your screen. Look for the icon labeled as Always On Display and tap on it to turn it On or Off, however you need.


The second method is from the general Settings of the device:

  1. Access the general settings;
  2. Go to the Display section and open it;
  3. Look for the Always-On Display listed in there;
  4. Switch its toggle to On or Off, depending on what you want.


If you want to customize the basic features of the AOD…

We have suggested it above, though, we will need to insist a little bit on this one. Once you turn On this feature, the clock will show up on the display by default. But that’s not everything that the Always-On Display feature can do for you. Contents and layout (the latter available after a recent update) can be personalized according to your needs and desires.


The three main options are:

  1. The clock;
  2. The calendar;
  3. The active background image.


Each of them, however, comes with a series of other options. For the clock or for the theme, for instance, you can select one of the numerous styles available. Surf through the options, use the preview to get a better sense of how these settings will look, and make up your mind.

If you’re worried that these settings or the feature itself might drain out your battery, forget about it. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are known to use up to 6% of their battery during the nighttime use. With the Always-On Display feature turned on, this will only take up an extra 1%. Exactly, that’s how little battery this feature takes. So, you might have your reasons to refuse using it, but the battery shouldn’t be one of them.


Problems with keeping the Always-On Display On?

Some users complained that they have tried to activate this feature but it just deactivates on its own right after that. If you’re dealing with the same frustrating situation, consider some of the most common causes:

  • You may have insufficient battery – when the device has less than 5%, it will cut off extra features like the AOD automatically.
  • The device might not sit on an even surface – it takes a rather flat surface for it to work properly;
  • If it’s already late in the night, it might be because of your night clock – you cannot have that one and still activate the AOD at the same time.


Other than that, your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus should work perfectly with the Always-On Display feature. But don’t hesitate to ask us whatever other questions you may have!

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