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How To Use Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Torchlight App

If you’ve been browsing through the options of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 searching for the Torchlight App without success, we have some useful information to offer you. First of all, the Torchlight is not an app, but a widget. This detail should indicate where to look for it, but, before that, let us add the fact that the Torch won’t necessarily surprise you like a LED Maglite.

Still, it will help a lot when you will need a handy source of light, so, it is always worth knowing how to get to it. Coming up next, you’ll find out where to look for it and how to make it more accessible.


Now, for the specific instructions of how to use the Torchlight on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8…

  1. First, unlock the screen of the smartphone;
  2. Then, access the Edit Screen – you know how to do it, by long pressing with one finger in any empty area of the Home Screen;
  3. You’ll know that you’re in the Edit Screen once you see the three icons popping up at the bottom of the display: Wallpapers, Widgets, Home Screen Settings;
  4. Naturally, you’ll have to tap on the Widgets icon;
  5. Within the list of all the widgets available on your Note 8 or Note 9, browse for the Torch;
  6. Tap and hold on the Torch widget, then drag it and drop it on a free area of the Home screen;
  7. Once you release the icon, you’ll notice it pops up in that area and the Edit Screen collapses, leaving you on the Home Screen.


Now you have placed the Note 8 and Note 9 Torchlight App right on the main panel of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Home Screen. To answer your question of “What do I have to do to use the flashlight on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8?“: you just need to tap on that icon every time you want to turn it on. Then, you can turn it back off right from the Notification Shade, where it will be listed for as long as you keep it running. As a side note, you can use this widget directly from the launcher, following similar instructions.

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