How To Use Selfie Flash On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

The cameras of Samsung Galaxy S9 have great power. But how come the performance of Galaxy S9 is considerably better than that of S9? To clear this out, the latest smartphone features less but larger pixels. Therefore, the automatic focus on the spot just got significantly stress-free and allowing for better selfies.

Most users can tell you that it is undoubtedly the most correct and fastest automatic focus they must have used in their life.

In one or two sentences we have made it clear why some individuals were hesitant about the camera for Galaxy S9.The camera resolutions for S9 is higher and the automatic focus enhanced than ever before. Nevertheless, the theme of the article of today connects to another debated feature; the forward-facing camera of Galaxy S9 gadgets doesn’t feature a LED light.

Check this flash update: you can at all times take selfies using the forward facing camera via a software LED light. Also referred to- as the Selfie light and from afar, seems as if Samsung was motivated by Apple’s feature, iPhone display flash. The technique of lighting faces, initiated by Apple

The technique of lighting faces, started by Apple, got conquered by Samsung and changed into something improved. They have a routine of pushing each technology to great heights.


How To Use Selfie Flash On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

  1. The Self taken picture Flash is a software-dependent light alternative.;
  2. It functions with forward facing camera
  3. It is dependent on causing the display turn white for a moment or so and all the light will be directed to your face.
  4. The outcome is a lightened face that the obverse camera will eternalize even better.
  5. The flash achieved this manner is even strong than that obtained from Apple’s devices.
  6. Integrated with the famous Beauty Feature as well as the Motion Pictures features, the outcome of the selfies is invaluable.
  7. Galaxy S9 gains from a strong handling software that clears the photos like no other.


To most Galaxy S9 owners, this function is not too noticeable, and not one person considers looking for it as it is not advertised as much. It was not applied to the earlier Galaxy S6 models, and individuals are uninformed of this excellent feature, the Selfie light that idles before being identified.

In case you have more questions regarding how to get the most out of it, how to have experience with other camera settings, or any other thing you find beneficial, message us. We will respond. Also, check back soon because we will be sharing several articles on the same.

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