IMEI Serial Number Of Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus And Galaxy S8 (How To Find It)

Despite that every Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus (and any other smartphone in the world) has its own, unique IMEI, this isn’t the kind of thing you hear people talking about too often. One day, your fancy phone gets lost or stolen and you start looking for solutions to block the person who finds it or the thief from using it. That’s when you hear about this serial number and you realize that you don’t know yours.

Hopefully, this article doesn’t come too late for you and you’re still in the possession of the device. This means you should search for it and write it down as soon as you can. The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number is somewhat lengthy. You won’t be able to memorize it, but you should be able to remember where did you write it and save it.

Do not ignore this fact because all the carriers out there, from AT&T or Sprint to T-Mobile and Verizon can require, at some point, the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. Now that we have probably insisted enough on its importance, let us show you how to get this code.

If you’re reading this from your smartphone, go no further than to your Phone App. Switch to the Dialer window and type *#06#. You won’t need to press any other key; the phone will show you the IMEI number on the display right after that.

The alternative, if you’re more of a person who enjoys tackling the menus, lays within the Status submenu. Access the general settings of your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus and navigate to the Device Information. In there, identify the Status section and tap on it. You’ll see a new window, with a bunch of technical details about the smartphone. One of them, towards the bottom of the screen, is the IMEI code itself.

Last but not least, if you happen to have the original package of the phone at hand, it should be even easier. Turn it on all its sides until you find the sticker with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus IMEI. All smartphones have it on the package!

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