Incapable Of Installing Android Updates On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Solution)

Do you have worries that your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus is incapable of installing firmware updates? You must know that this issue has been facing Galaxy S8+ Plus owners for quite some time now but luckily, I have devised a solution for it.

This problem can be quite frustrating and hence the need to come up with a reliable solution. Apply the possible solutions one after the other to see if any of them will successfully help fix the problem.


Solving the inability of Galaxy S8+ Plus to Install Android Updates

  • Ensure you have an enough storage space. If you have less than the required storage capacity for a new update, free up some space by uninstalling some apps from your phone.
  • Although you might not be a bloatware enthusiast, you must realize that most of the apps on your smartphone do serve a specific purpose. Try enabling every setting that you had disabled and check to observe any changes in the problem we are trying to solve.


To fix minor glitches of the firmware, delete your system cache which can help to solve your case. Just follow the as provided below:

  1. Switch off your smartphone
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the power, volume up and home buttons respectively.
  3. Release the power button just about when you see the name Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus on your screen.
  4. Release the other keys when you see the Android logo
  5. Locate and highlight the option for ‘wipe cache partition’
  6. Select the highlighted option using the power key
  7. Use the volume down key to highlight Yes
  8. Once again using the power key, select Yes
  9. Give the phone enough time to complete wiping the cache partition
  10. Choose to Reboot System now and then click on the Power Key
  11. Your Galaxy S8 should reboot successfully.


It is my hope that you found this helpful. If not, you are now at that point when only a hard reset can fix the Galaxy S8+ Plus device. This is your option to return the phone to its default settings, therefore ensure you back up your data and use the steps described in this procedure to achieve that. If the update fails after the factory reset, I regrettably suggest that you contact a Samsung support to get more assistance.


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