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Lag Problem On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Solution)

The lag problem is one of those things that just don’t go unnoticed on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. Chances are that it will be more obvious with apps that require loading a large amount of information, usually online – think of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, but also Snapchat or WhatsApp. Of course, any app that moves too slow or doesn’t load the web pages properly is manifesting a lag.

It might sound like a simple problem. In reality, however, slow processing can be so annoying that it might make you want to give up on using the device. What’s the point, if it’s taking you ages to get to the part you want to see? Before you rush into throwing your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus away, give this tutorial a chance.

We’ve rounded up for you a list of the most common potential causes and the three best things you can try. Let’s start with the causes because some of them will give you clues on other small changes you can make and that might improve the speed of the device.

  • Signal issues with the device;
  • A weak wireless connectivity;
  • A congested network, with too much traffic on it;
  • An overwhelmed website, with too many visitors trying to access it;
  • A bunch of background running apps that take up your resources without you even knowing it;
  • Full or only corrupted internet cache;
  • Low memory on the device, insufficient for all the required processes;
  • An outdated firmware that requires immediate update;
  • An outdated internet browser that requires immediate software update;
  • The reach of the data speed limit and the depletion of your mobile data.


Really, it can be any of these or a combination of factors, which is why it is best to take them one by one and investigate if they can represent a cause, in your particular situation, or not. Now, if you’ve checked the entire list but the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus still manifests a lag, the time has come to try the following solutions:


Use an anti-virus app and scan the device for malware

It doesn’t have to be a paid anti-virus, as long as it enjoys a good rating in the Play Store you can confidently use it. So, after taking some time to surf through the available options, check the ratings, and read the reviews, install an anti-virus and let it scan the smartphone. After that, you will have to clear the cache and the data of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.

If nothing has changed, in the end, you will need to perform a factory reset of the phone, which will bring back the original settings and a clear memory. Speaking of the clear memory, back up your data in advance, so you won’t lose it during the reset!


Clear the system cache of the Galaxy S8

More often than not the malware scanning will do the trick. But you’ve moved on to the second solution, which can only mean that it didn’t work in your particular case. That’s why we would suggest you carry on with wiping the cache partition. This is a very simple thing to do, one that would not delete anything physically stored on your device. With photos, videos, messages, and anything else you have in there protected, you can forget about doing the backup and just stick to the technical aspects of the wiping process.

Speaking of which, you will need to switch from the normal running mode to the so-called Recovery Mode. All the details, regarding both the booting into Recovery Mode and the actual commands you need to follow in there, are detailed in this guide on the topic of how to clear the Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus system cache. Read it and you’ll be ready to do it right after that.


Take the Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus into service

Still looking for a lag solution even after you have wiped the cache partition? The problem is that you’re running out of options. If you still have it under warranty, you should be able to benefit from it. Nevertheless, even if you don’t, you might still have to ask a technician inspect your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. There’s nothing else you can personally try…

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