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Learn How To Find Stolen Or Lost Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Plus

Losing a smartphone will always make you feel bad. The more expensive the model, the higher the guilt and the frustration, especially if you didn’t lose it and it was actually stolen from you. But finding the right ways to permanently monitor your expensive smartphone is something that should concern you from the moment you take it out of the box.

While there are different tracker apps, third-party software, and even the dedicated Android Device Manager system, none of these will work unless you prepare for it in advance. Even if the Android Device Manager was conceived as an emergency solution, the equivalent of the just as popular Find My iPhone from Apple, using it will take a bit of prevention.

Let’s skip this intro and show you the details you need to take into account when learning how to find a stolen or lost Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Apps, software, and options you have at hand:


With the first two options, you can track down the device by monitoring its GPS. There are usually two conditions you need to accomplish in order to do so. One would be to have already registered your smartphone with Samsung, Google, and the Android Device Manager system. The other one would be for the device to still have its GPS turned on or a connection to a Wi-Fi network.

The third option, however, is an alternative for when you really cannot track down the device but you are desperate to protect the sensitive information stored on it. The only thing AirDroid can help you with is to remotely access the device and use the files or the information available on it. That and a few extra features like the remote SMS text messaging and camera access.

As you can notice, the rule of thumb here is to think proactive, always research for dedicated apps and find out on your own what it takes to register your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus in all the right places and having all the right tools set up in advance.

Another golden rule is to avoid keeping your smartphone on Silence or Vibrations. With the Loud Ring mode always turned on, you have a good chance of easily finding it when it was lost around the house or in the vicinity of where you’ve spent the last hours. There’s nothing worse and more frustrating than trying to call your smartphone or use the Find My Android function from Google and having your device silenced at the same time.


Get to know your Android Device Manager option

The Android Device Manager, also known as Find My Android, has been around since 2013. It was designed to help you either find a lost smartphone or to remotely access it and ring, lock or erase everything stored on it.

For this feature to function, you would need to make sure that it is turned On and that your device has the Location function turned On. Only with these two conditions fulfilled you can expect that, after you log into your Google account, the Find My Android feature to have a chance at tracking down the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Here are the steps we recommend you to take:

  1. Download the Android Device Manager app from Google Play;
  2. Access your smartphone and go to Settings, Security and Screen Lock;
  3. Enter the Device Administrators section and make sure that the box Android Device Manager is checked.


When you will lose your smartphone, you can access the Android Device Manager page from another device and hit the GPS track button.

Please note that despite Google developing this feature to help to retrieve a lost or stolen device, its official position is against trying to find a stolen smartphone on your own. Otherwise said, Google would urge you to address the police for this type of matters.

If you don’t feel like the Android Device Manager is what you need, do not hesitate to try the above-recommended Lookout as well. The feature will give you extra security features, so give it more than just a glance.


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