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Learn To Enable Condensed Display Mode On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 is famous for a lot of great features but not all of them are particularly advertised by the manufacturer. This is the case of the DPI scaling option. This Condensed Display mode will simply reduce the density of your smartphone’s screen to a point where you are capable of seeing a lot more things on the same display than you do with the default resolution and density.

Adjusting the DPI scaling will make room for more pixels, therefore, more information, from texts and icons to images and so on. For such a big display, it is, indeed, a great option to be able to make more display room. Not to mention that it finally helps you to stop envying the Apple iOS devices with their Standard and Zoomed modes that give users more flexibility as to how much information the display can handle.

Long story short, Samsung Galaxy S8 can do that too – let you adjust the screen density. It has a special hidden menu for this purpose labeled as the Condensed Display mode that once used will shrink everything down as much as you want.


To enable the Condensed Display mode on Samsung Galaxy S8…

  1. Launch the Google Play Store;
  2. Search and download the third-party app called Nova Launcher or simply use this link to do so;
  3. Launch the newly installed app;
  4. Long press the Home screen of the device;
  5. Tap on Widgets;
  6. Identify the one labeled as Activities;
  7. Move that widget straight to the Home screen;
  8. Once you do so, a settings folder will automatically pop up;
  9. You will see a list of options from where you can select the one labeled as Display Scaling Activity;
  10. This action will create a new shortcut right there on the Home screen;
  11. Launch the new shortcut and you will receive two options to choose from, labeled as Standard and Condensed;
  12. Tap on the Condensed option;
  13. Now restart the device and you should notice that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will reboot with a new screen density and more space for you to handle.


At this point, the screen density of your Samsung Galaxy S8 will remain the same up until you will return to that widget from the screen, access the Display Scaling Activity, and select the Standard option once again. Until then, you are free to enjoy this new, larger screen, where everything, from icons and texts to controls, is much smaller and you have more space to organize upon your wish and preferences.



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