Learn To Install Additional Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plius Camera Modes

For those who wanted to switch to the new Galaxy S9, the promise was simple: new phone, new and improved camera, new extra shooting modes. Of course, a lot has changed with the release of this Android flagship, from the camera module itself to the water and dust resistance features, the microSD support that was brought back, and the overall improved capabilities of the device. But you’re here to find out how to make the best of your camera app, aren’t you?

So, we have to say that the hot spot of the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera is given by the cool and versatile modes. Want to create some animated GIFs to share with your friends on social networks? Are you a foodie who prices the beauty of an elegant plating and you want to take better food shots? Or, perhaps, you make hundreds of selfies a day and you’re never happy with it, in which case you need a mode that will make you look a lot better?

For all these preferences and many others, you have 6 free camera modes to play with: Animated GIF, Foods, Beauty Face, Surround Shot, Dual Camera and Rear-cam Selfie. But that’s just the default offer because, if you launch the Camera app and use the Mode button to get to these main modes, you’ll also see a Download link waiting for you in there. Dare to tap on it and hold your enthusiasm at the sight of new modes ready to install!

Long story short, the camera app of your Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with new modes and the option to install them as you see fit. The process can’t get any simpler, yet allow us to outline it for you below:


When you want to install some additional modes on the Galaxy S9 camera…

  1. Launch your Camera;
  2. Hit the Mode button;
  3. Tap the Download link;
  4. You’ll be redirected to a hidden page;
  5. In there, you have 6 additional camera modes that you can download for free;
  6. Go through the available options and select one that you’d like to try;
  7. You’ll access a details page for that particular mode, with a short description of what it does and screenshots to help you spot the effect;
  8. If you decide on that particular shooting mode, simply select the Install option;
  9. Confirm the action and grant the app the permission to install it;
  10. Wait for the download to complete and the download bar to stop flashing;
  11. Then, return to the camera app and select the newly installed mode to test it yourself.


To draw a conclusion, it takes seconds to install a new camera mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9 but you’ll probably love it and test it for days!

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