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Lock Screen On Samsung Note 8 Not Working

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a security tools that restrict other persons from accessing your device. It can be in the form of pattern, code authentication, password etc. When activated in your device, it enable you to get to the apps installed in the device if you have the security code.


If you want to set up a new wallpaper for Note 8 Lock Screen…

It should be noted that changing wallpaper almost same as replacing the wallpaper on your home screen page. The following below will help to change your device wallpaper.

  1. Switch-on the device
  2. Unlock the device if it is on security lock
  3. Look out for an empty space and hold down by pressing your device screen
  4. An edit mode will come up (home screen setting, widgets, wallpaper)
  5. Tap on Wallpaper;
  6. Select the image you want
  7. When you are done selecting your image, tab on the set wallpaper


If you want to tweak other settings of Note 8 Lock Screen…

  1. First and foremost go to setting and tap on the Lock Screen menu. Various features will come up
  2. Clock Size (you can change the size of the clock widget);
  3. Dual Clock with two different zones
  4. Date;
  5. The shortcut of your camera
  6. User Information
  7. Unlock Effect (various animations and visual effects that change the feel and the look of the screen);
  8. Additional Info (where you can add some pedometer or weather info).


A lovely thing about this various features is that you can change it over and over again to meet your desire preferences.


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