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Locking Apps On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

If you are using a tablet or an Android device and don’t use a screen lock, it is still possible to protect your data and a lot of what’s inside your device. You can lock individual applications from access by unauthorized users by making use of third-party applications made specifically with this in mind.

The most common and easy to use application for locking individual apps is known as App Lock. Get this app for free from Google Play Store for free.

Install the application then hit ‘’Open’’. It automatically prompts you to create a password. The password will be your access key whenever you want to gain access to any of the apps that you have protected, unless you specifically alter it. As such, it is advisable that you set a password that you can easily remember. Then provide a security e-mail then you will be all set to begin locking particular apps such as the Dialer, Messenger and Facebook.


What’s cool about App Lock is that its interface is also pretty easy to use. It lists all your installed apps on your smartphone so you can individually lock them by simply swiping the lock key on the right side of your display. App Lock also lets you lock your photos and videos by simply placing them in a Photo Vault or a Video Vault.

After locking of an individual app, you will be required to type in the password that you’ve set up in your App Lock on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. You can however alter this later on at any time if you so wish.


There are many other available apps that you can use for locking applications on your device so you don’t necessarily have to use App Lock. Simply type in the Google Play search box ‘’app lock’’ and a list of all available apps will display.


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