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Locking Apps On Samsung Note 8 = Manual

Nowadays we store so much business or personal related things on a Samsung Note 8 that it turns out to be more essential than any time in recent memory to ensure it well protected. On the off chance that utilizing a screen lock code doesn’t feel sufficiently great for you, you can even now avoid unapproved access to probably the most vital applications running on your Android telephone or tablet.

Generally, you can adhere to a straightforward swipe to open your gadget, however utilizing a third party application that will lock individual applications. Such choices are accessible in the Google Play Store, where you can scan for and discover free solutions for your issues.

In the present article, we’d get you acquainted with the AppLock application. This one is especially refreshing for its proficiency. So, we figured you would need to think about it and utilize it for free to protect particular applications on your Samsung Note 8.


Let’s assume you have downloaded and installed this application. What now, you ponder?

  1. Launch the AppLock and the first occasion when you do it you will be incited to set up your password and to give a security email;
    • This secret key will be required later on each time when you will need to reopen the application or to get to any application that you as of now locked with its assistance.
  2. Then, you can begin exploring the simple and instinctive interface of the AppLock:
    • You can begin locking applications one by one, from Phone and Text Messaging to Facebook, Messenger, or whatever else you have in there – there’s a rundown of all the applications from your Note 8 and a lock button beside each name that automatically locks the application when you tap on it;
    • You can likewise set up a video or Photo Vault, where you can securely lock specific photographs or recordings stored on your cell phone;
  3. Leave the application when you’ve wrapped up your lock preferences and keep utilizing the gadget anyway you see fit.


From this minute on, at whatever point you will endeavor to get to an application that you lock through the AppLock application, you will be required to sort in the secret word. Don’t hesitate to return to the AppLock and unlock applications when you change your opinion.

AppLock is only one of the numerous solutions on the best way to lock applications on Note 8. Google Play is has a lot of options. Utilize its search function for “application lock” and your decision making ability to perceive what else available out there you can attempt.

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