Logging Service Stopped On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

You may be recently getting the same error message of “Logging service stopped” show up on your display of the Samsung Galaxy S8. You have the chance to ignore the message the initial time you see it but then it continuously shows up.

You will be led to the error above while using your current software and your logging service. But, you can solve the logging service issue on your Samsung Galaxy S8 by taking a look at the steps below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Logging Service Stopped – Solution   

  1. Have the menu opened and then click the Settings.
  2. Choose Applications starting at the home screen and then click the Application Manager.
  3. Click the top right hand corner on More and then click Show system applications.
  4. Click on the entry once you find Logging Service.
  5. Click on Force Stop and then click on Storage.
  6. Click on Delete data and then click on Clear Cache in the submenu after.
  7. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 should then be restarted.


You will no longer see the error of “Logging service stopped” message show up on your screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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