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MHL Support On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 And Note 8

Screen mirroring is one of those Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 features that many abstain from utilizing until their first involvement with it. When you witness firsthand that it is so awesome to have the capacity to see on a gigantic TV screen whatever you were endeavoring to access on your Samsung Note 9 or Note 8’s modest screen, there’s no returning.

By then, you will most likely begin making some inquiries about your options. You’ll find that there are two or three diverse ways you can set up this connection, Note 9 MHL support being the normal point.

In this article, we will demonstrate to you how you can screen mirror a Samsung Note 9 to a TV through a wireless connection. You could do it with a wired connection as well, however everyone cherishes the wireless nowadays, so we will concentrate on it.


Wireless Connection 

In the event that you have a Samsung SmartTV, getting it connected to a Samsung cell phone is a piece of cake. On the off chance that you don’t, it will be somewhat trickier however not impossible. As a matter of fact, all it takes is acquiring an AllShare Hub. Here are the means we’re discussing:

  1. Get yourself a Samsung Allshare Hub
  2. Connect a standard HDMI cable with the AllShare Hub and the TV
  3. Connect your cell phone device and the AllShare Hub or the TV to the same Wi-Fi
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Move to Screen Mirroring.


What’s more, that is about all. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you can do whatever you were doing on your Samsung Note 8  or Note 9 straight on your TV. This is the power of MHL support – mind-blowing, isn’t that so?



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