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MicroSD Card Problems On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Solved

The new Samsung has recently brought the option to expand your storage with the Galaxy S8 device and lots of people want to have to set this option. However, there have been reports that have said that users are having issues with their micro SD card on the Galaxy S8 smartphone. These SD card issues for the Galaxy S8 notification popping up frequently, not able to delete things from the SD card, and not being able to move apps to the SD card. You can solve these problems easily since these are not serious


Solutions to the SD card issue for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Formatting a SD card (Option 1)

You can easily solve your problems with the Samsung S8 SD card by doing a simple micro SD card reformatting process. If you format you device, your information on the card will all be erased. So make sure you have your information backed up if you go this route. You can format the SD card by following the steps below:

  1. Click the icon for the apps starting from your Home screen.
  2. You can then click the Settings option.
  3. You can then get to “Storage” and then click the SD card.
  4. You will then see two options, Format and Unmount. Choose the option for Format.
  5. The process may take some time but you can look again to see if the issues with your micro SD card are fixed for the Galaxy S8 device.
  6. Tap on the apps icon from the Home screen of your device
  7. Next, press on the option Settings
  8. Now scroll down to get ‘Storage’ and then tap on SD card


Rebooting the device (Option 2)

You must first have your device rebooted so that it may solve your problems with your phone. You can reboot your device clicking the Power and Volume Down button together for about 7-11 seconds until the phone turns off. Vibrates, and reboots. You can check and see if the micro SF card is properly working once it has restarted.


Checking the SD card for another Device (Option 3)

There could be an issue with the firmware in your Galaxy S8 SD card or it could be another issue with the SD card. To understand what it is, you check another device’s SD card to notice whether it is actually working or not. You can turn the device off and let the SD card go. You can insert it in the computer or laptop to check and see if it is working. If it is working, you should have your format and data backed up to see again in your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. However, your SD card is most likely faulty if the card continues to have problems and you need to change the card up with another.



Verifying to see the SD card is set up correctly (Option 4)

You can also try to see if your SD card has been properly mounted. You can do this by:

  1. Click on the icon for the apps starting from your home screen.
  2. You can then click and open to look for your “My files”.
  3. Under the local storage, you can find the option device storage that is SD card and internal storage.
  4. You can then click the SD card and see if you are able to look at it, if you can the SD card has been properly mounted. However, if you are not able to see the SD card, take it out and put it back in properly.


Now, you can use all of the possible methods in order to try to solve the problems that you are having with your micro SD card. You can try each one of them individually and check if you are still have problems. If so, you can take them to a technician so it can be repaired of get the card replaced.


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