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My MicroSD Become Corrupted On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus – Solved

Once your micro SD card has been working for a couple of week, you may experience that is becomes corrupted all of sudden. People have been using their SD card for storage for a while now and it usually very reliable when it comes to storage. Usually you do not think of the MicroSD card on your Galaxy S8+ Plus becoming corrupted.

A lot of readers of the Android Flagship are having the same problem. Usually, people receive a notification when they restart their device and the MicroSD card becomes corrupted. But, once it has restarted a couple of times, the notification goes away and you can use the files.

A lot of people lose it because the MicroSD card is corrupted. We are sure that you do not want this to occur. It is recommended to take the following steps below in order to learn how you can fix your corrupted Galaxy S8+ Plus Micro SD card


Possible solutions for the corruption of the Galaxy S8+ Plus MicroSD card

  1. Initially, check your device temperature when you keep on having the problem. For example, if your phone has reached its maximum temperature on the SanDisk MicroSD card, you need to check the temperature of the phone using the app called TempMonitor and make sure what is the problem.
  2. You need to clear your cache partition and look at the device a couple of days. Usually when you do this, the problems might be fixed after this.
  3. Turn the device off.
  4. Click and hold your Volume Up and Home buttons and then click and hold your power button.
  5. When you see the logo show up on your display, you may let go of the Power button, but keep on holding the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  6. You will be able to release the buttons once the Android logo appears.
  7. You can use the Volume Down button to look through options until you have reached the option that is for wiping the cache partition after highlighting it.
  8. Click the power button after you choose it.
  9. Go over the “Yes” option using your Volume Down button and click the Power key to choose it.
  10. Do not do the Master Reset until the device is complete.
  11. You then need to reboot your device to make the changes happen.
  12. If this step does not work, you should go to the factory-reset step on the phone. Keep in mind; factory reset will erase all information from your device such as files, data, and apps. Also, the SD card must be reformatted once the phone has been factory reset.
  13. It is definitely recommended to contact professionals the guide does not solve your device.


After you follow the steps above, you should know how to fix my MicroSD has become corrupted on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.


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