Note 8 And Note 9: How To Take Panoramic Pictures

The new smartphone from Samsung features a great new camera. But one thing that people want to know is how to take panoramic pictures on Note 8 and Note 9. Using a Note 8/Note 9 panoramic picture is great in times that you want to capture the entire thing outside of the frame.

With this wider view, you can take beautiful photos that wouldn’t have without taking a panoramic photo on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8. We’ll explaining below how to take Note 8 panoramic images with a few simple steps.



How to turn ON Panorama on Samsung Note 8 And Note 9

  1. Open the Camera app;
  2. Tap on the MODE button in the bottom left corner of the screen;
  3. Select on the Panorama thumbnail;
  4. Tap on the Shutter button and start to move the camera in one direction to capture the wider view;
  5. Follow the alignment box that acts as a guide to make sure the overall scene is aligned;
  6. Now the camera app will start to put the pieces of the smaller pictures into a large panoramic picture;
  7. After it’s done, you can find the picture in the Photo Gallery app.



After you’ve followed the steps above, you should know how to take panoramic pictures on Samsung Note 8 and Note 9. Please share this article and let others know how to take a panoramic picture as well.


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