Note 8 Egypt Price (Samsung Note 8 Price In Egypt)

Samsung has said that the Galaxy Note 8 will be released around the world in late August and is going to be worth the wait. After all, Samsung provides an amazing device and at unbelievable prices and the Note 8 will be no different. The new release of the device from Samsung is expected to introduce a highly-praised Galaxy Note 8 with amazing specs.

If you’ve heard about the new Samsung phone, you could want to know where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Egypt. Also you may be asking how much Note 8 price in Egypt. The quick answer for the price of Samsung Note 8 price in Egypt will cost around $1,060 in US Dollar or about 18,868 Egyptian Pound.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Egypt Pricing:


Note 8 Egypt Price

At first many thought that the price of Galaxy Note 8 will be over one thousand dollars, but now that the price has been announced it’ll only costs $1,060 in US Dollar or about 18,868 Egyptian Pound. With this amazing price the Samsung Note 8 price in Egypt will be very affordable for the type of phone you get with all of its amazing feature.


How To Buy Samsung Note 8 In Egypt

The Note 8 Egypt will be able to be bought when the phone becomes available in the country around the release date of lat August. You can buy the Galaxy Note 8 early right now through its website at

If you’re wanting to purchase the Note 8 in Egypt, we hope that this article gave you the info and help with your purchasing decision.

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