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Notification Sounds Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus – Solved

It is clear to know that if you are having issues with your phone, it will not be enjoyable but the Galaxy S8+ Plus without a doubt is a quality phone. You could be having an issue with your notifications not properly making a sound indicating that you have something new. Some people have reported that they are experiencing issues with sounds for the notifications not functioning on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

You may be experiencing these issues with your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus you do not need to worry as something has been changed in your settings menu that you can simple fix by easily using the steps below.


Ways on Fixing the Galaxy S8+ Plus No Sound Notifications:

Rebooting your device (Option 1)

You can use this step in order to learn how you can solve your notification sound issues on the Galaxy S8+ Plus. It is a little step but it can be easy. You must click and hold the reboot or restart, you have to click and hold the Volume button and Power button for as long as ten seconds until the phone turns off, vibrates and starts to reboot. You can then check and see if the sounds is working properly.


Changing your notification sound (Option 2)

There may be times when rebooting your device does not work so well but you can also try to change the notification sounds to fix it. You can try this to solve the notification sounds from not working on your Galaxy S8+ Plus. You can learn how to do this process by looking below:

  1. Click on the Apps starting from your home screen.
  2. Click on the Settings and the choose Sounds and Vibrations.
  3. Look for the notification sound option by scrolling through.
  4. You can click the default notification sound and then choose the notification sound that you want to have.


Ensure the vibration or silent feature is not turned on (Option 3)

You can also try the steps below if the steps above do not work for you. You can check to see if the vibration or silent feature is turned on your device. You can learn how to do this below:

  1. You can initially click the Volume key that is on the side of your phone to change the sound.
  2. You can then decrease the sound until you see vibration icon on your screen. Doing so will turn the vibration mode on and you will see the icon in your notification bar.
  3. You can also turn the volume down until you notice the silent icon on your notification bar that will indicate your phone is on silent mode.
  4. You can move down on the notification bar and then click the Settings.
  5. Then click on the additional volume settings from your menu for Quick Settings.
  6. You can click the sounds and vibration and then change the sounds.


Check the notification to see if it is blocked (Option 4)

The other reason why your text notification sound is not working is because the notifications are blocked on the Galaxy S8+ Plus. You can check and see it is being blocked by going to Settings, then going to Application, then going to Application manager then finding the message option. You can then click on the Message in order to see whether it is blocked or not. If it is blocked, you can change it to allow so that the problems can be fixed easily. Also, you will be not be getting any sound notification if the lock screen notification is blocked. You can check this by going to Settings, then going to Lock Screen and Security, and then Notifications to check and see it is blocked and click on allow changing it.


Check Game tools (Option 5)

You may have recently noticed that you are having some problems after you place a game. Sometimes the Game tools keep popping up as you first launch any game and the first question to set is No alerts during the game.

You can check again to see set this up properly by going to Settings, then going to Advanced features, and then going to Games tools and Games in order to make the changes that you need to.

You can use the steps above in order to learn how you can fix the issue of no notification sound on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.


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