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“OK Google” Not Working On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus – Solved

OK Google voice commands may not necessarily be something that any Samsung user enjoys. But everyone who buys a Galaxy, at some point, will want to at least test this feature and see how it goes. So, if you have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 or even a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus, have you tried it?

Is the “OK Google” voice command not working on your smartphone? Before you declare yourself officially frustrated and disappointed, let’s do a little research together. If your phone does not respond to the voice commands, there can only be a few situations you need to look into and try to fix.

This feature will work smoothly if you activate it from the menus of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. If you ever get to that part, where you select the OK Google Detection menu and enable it, you will also realize that there are two different instances when it can be activated with your voice – when you are using the Google Search App and when you are on any other screen of the device.

If your Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus has the OK Google Detection active but only the “From Google Search App” option checked, there’s no wonder it won’t work when you try to use it from, let’s say, the Home screen of the device.

Coming up next, you will discover the simple and straightforward steps you need to take in order to make sure that all the settings are in place:

  1. Go to the Google app to access its settings menu;
  2. To the top left area of the window, the 3-bar icon is all you need to enter the Menu;
  3. In there, navigate to Settings >> Voice >> OK Google Detection;
  4. Look for the two options that we just mentioned above, named “From Google Search App” respectively “From any screen”;
  5. Check them, if necessary, and hit the back key only once, to return to the previous submenu, the Voice settings;
  6. In there, verify that the OK Google assistant is set to recognize the English (US) language.


Only after you have taken these simple steps you can leave the menus and start using the OK Google voice commands on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. This time, the device will respond to it without exception!


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