Preview Content On Note 8 Or Hide Message Preview – Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a perfect choice and there is absolutely no doubt about this. In addition, we know that Samsung Galaxy Note is listed as Samsung`s big-screen phone series that comes with an amazing camera and a powerful processor. It is therefore very important to ensure you are able to get a sneak preview of the email content, what is in a folder or even a story from the news channel, even before you can launch it.

According to Samsung, this is Air View and many users like it. Therefore I too admire the feature. Ideally, all you need to make sure you can do is move the S-Pen over some content either in an email, a folder, the phones gallery or a story from a news channel while in the Flipboard application. While doing this, don’t touch the screen and you will see the preview of what it appears like inside.

It is also important that you learn how you can hide the message preview on your Note 8. Many users have indicated that they are annoyed by the notifications they receive from alerts, the texts, and also another pop-up which come to the screen.

If the message preview appears to give you a headache, or it is making you feel your privacy is gone, you might want to ensure your messages are private. This is especially if there are other people around you. Therefore, you would better hide the messages sneak view which is on Samsung Note 8. This allows you to disable text that pops up and so you can customize the things you want to show on the phones lock screen.


How To Disable Messages Preview On Note 8

  1. Ensure your Note 8 is on
  2. The right side of the screen you will need to tap on MORE
  3. Click the settings tab
  4. Select the Notifications
  5. Tap on the Pop-up Display so as to deactivate it.


You will also be able to deactivate the message preview from the lock screen of the Samsung Note 8. If so, be free to customize it so that only the alerts and Widgets you want will show on the phone screen. The process is so simple:

  1. Open the Notifications bar
  2. Tap on the gear-shaped icon
  3. Open the settings
  4. Tap on the Lock Screen and Security
  5. Check out for Notifications from the lock screen
  6. Now select content
  7. Identify the widgets you want to take away from the lock screen


Now you have identified the widgets you want to be shown on the lock screen. Note that the other notifications will still be delivered to your phone. However, these will no longer be shown as pop-ups.


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